Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Friends of the Bonfire

A group of Mid-Citizens assembled at the Bean Gallery on N. Carrollton Avenue this morning and prepared a plan to try to win city approval to proceed with a bonfire of some size, at a location in Mid-City. A smaller group will meet with Councilmember Shelly Midura and representatives of city agencies later today, as promised by Midura at the Monday evening meeting.

Among the concessions to the city that were discussed and generally approved were to suggest relocation to a new spot in Mid-City if that appeases the NOFD and other city officials; proactively organizing volunteer marshals to help patrol the crowd, limiting access to the fire and trying to calm the crowd's behavior along with a volunteer clean-up committee.

The group will prepare and post signs to remind people that if they want to see the traditional continue, they should not throw foreign material (especially fireworks) into the bonfire, and otherwise behave reasonably.

I don't speak on behalf of anyone other than myself, but if you wish to see the bonfire continue:
  • Do not throw fireworks or other foreign matter into the fire.
  • Respect the directions of fire fighters and police, and identified bonfire marshals.
  • Keep your clothes on (this is a family event; we bring our kids)
  • Do not get dangerously close to the fire, and respect any barricades that may be erected.
Please help spread this message through the city by word of mouth and any social media you participate in (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Watch this space for more information as it develops.


  1. Thanks for keeping after this. Since we have an infant child we won't be bonfiring any time soon, but I do hope she'll be able to run around that fire herself some day.

  2. Great work, Mr. Folse. Keep us posted.